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my dearest..

Posted in diary<33 by imflyingpaperplanes on May 7, 2010

have you ever feel like hate and love in the same time?

i rele dont’t know myself

i can’t find the answer and i can’t feel anything

besides its torturing me : (

you used to be the one i mostly care who

i have never curious why i do everything for you

but today..

i have more curious each day why i have to be

with someone who is so unpredictable

and never show me how does she fee straightly with me

i know

to love is to give

but are u sure that u aren’t aspect something back?

i’m sure at least you want that one with feel u a little bit

or happy or smile on it,am i right?

me too,at least just want her to feel happy

i do everything for our sake : )

like to be more adult,to be more gentle

to have more calm and reasonable

but for now i know that there’s nothing back for my hardworking

to improve myself

obviously sure that more useless each day

here,this is the music video

‘Prode ter na’

if each day u are with me,there is no happiness

i can’t fulfill the smile on your face

: ) i love you enough to let you go

please understand and remember

“everything i do i do for u”

ps. this might be too drama but i rele feel what i wrote


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  1. i - TON9 said, on May 7, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    love you na … 555+^^

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